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The everyday life of cultural intellectual property.

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Everything with which we live is the product of human creativity in which we share these creations to the world creating and sharing our evolution as one. A world filled with human creativity and invention that makes us happy.
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Submission Format
Attention Authors:

The Miff Classics Imprint is reviewing manuscripts for publishing.  Our staff of editors will be looking for works with strong plots, good character development, story lines with moral substance, and of course overall marketable content.  Please submit original, something that is thought provoking with a bit of a twist that will keep the reader looking for more.

Miff Classics editors will determine which material makes it to the publishing level based on the strength of the first submission.  Everyone can not be published so we encourage the best work to be sent, make your submission stand out above the rest.

Once a manuscript is selected for publishing, an agreement will be established between the author and imprint.  We guarantee a 20% royalty rate (more than any other industry rate) as well as a complete financial management package that will create long term stability.

Requirements:  Send a synopsis along with the first five chapters.  In addition, submit a cover letter introducing who the author is and the reason for choosing Miff Classics.  Include your “real” name, mailing address, and telephone number for return correspondence.

    * Submissions must be typed, double space, with readable font. 

    * Indent paragraphs, center chapter titles, and number pages.

    * No electronic submissions will be accepted.

    * Any work submitted will not be returned, so make copies.

    * Please allow two to three months for our review process.

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